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Here is the site of origami flowers.

You will find: our creations and models, classic models , our store, video tutorials to make yourself bouquets , jewelry, origami bookmark and expose them.

Our workshop produce origami jewelry from traditional Japanese paper. We sell handmade, ethical , both fine , resistant and biodegradable products.

Although we also use gems (jade, agate, topaz, turquoise, lapis, hematite etc ...), unlike the classic jewelry, the value here lies in the expertise of Japanese and French artisans. The refreshing blend of two traditions, the art of yuzen paper making and origami , won't leave anyone indifferent.

Our origamis specially designed for the creation of jewelry, whether large or discrete, will bring you a touch of extremely uncommon originality of unequaled lightness. Our years of experience allow us to produce the highest quality at the best price.

The 6th season just started yet

Some pictures of the new models and those wich are retained for this season.


You can find our creations on Narbonne (France) markets and some partners.

Also find our creations in our online store and our various online shops:












Narbonne: l'univers de kama

Neko-café, Kama Universe offers hot and cold drinks. You can also enjoy various pastries while relaxing.

There you can also find our exclusive designs on the theme of cats.

Le site officiel.

La page facebook.


If you are looking for information about origami and manufacture of traditional paper, their origins and meaning, visit our page concept. We will also detail our vision of the art of origami applied to the design of jewelry or decorative objects and aspects of Japanese culture that inspired us these creations.


Various original models we have invented and their applications.


The traditional classical models and their applications.


Look through the photos of our recent and older models.


The list of our creations for sale. Feel free to send us your special requests.


Learn how to makepaper flowers, and adapt them to jewelry and bouquets.


Share your creations and your origami tutorials.


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